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Game Localization

In just a few years, Masreya Media became one of the biggest providers of video game localization in this relatively infant industry in the Middle East. We are no strangers to facilitating clients’ entry into this emerging market and we have successfully helped launch numerous AAA games including award winning games. Our own Aysha Selim voiced the character Ana in the highly popular Overwatch in 2016.

We became so passionate about game localization that later on when we were offered what would become one of the biggest selling titles of the year, we did not want to just provide another dub – to us, this was more than an interactive game. We saw the Egyptian dialect to be the perfect fit for this and strongly advised the client to change the dub from MSA to ECA (Egyptian colloquial Arabic). The game went on to win multiple awards and nominations in 2017/2018 and its dubbing in ECA encouraged other gaming clients to follow suit.

Video game localization is known to be extremely demanding. It can involve dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of audio files and requires a high level of organization and consistency. We therefore set out to create the highly organized workflow that we implement with each project and automated the time-consuming tasks in a manner that facilitated seamless recording. These tools increased efficiency and minimized the error margins, thanks to the multi-stage checking process that the files had to go through.

Why us? We’re the experts

We’re the ‘go-to’ vendor for dubbing games, theatrical and musical releases into Arabic – known to be the most complex and demanding of dubs. We earned our position in the market because of the quality of our finished product, our unmatched technical and creative know-how and our experience in celebrity relations.