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Our services go way beyond just word for word translation. At Masreya Media we pride ourselves on capturing the essence and meaning of the original copy – while considering the culture of the target audience.

Our work in translation spans everything from literary texts, museum catalogues, advertising material, medical, legal and technical translation to the gateway work for subtitling and dubbing for major TV networks and Hollywood blockbusters.

One example is a huge commission which spanned two years from a leading global financial institution that involved localizing an employee training and development program. The project was, and remains, highly confidential, but at Masreya Media we are well-versed in complying with all client security requirements. For this project, we even requested all participating linguists to sign additional security agreements, aside from our standard NDA’s, and adhered to a strict and highly secured file-sharing procedure. Happy with our services, this is also now a regular client

Why us? Passion driven quality

We never ‘just get the work done’! Our dedicated account managers work diligently with great patience and attention to detail. We are passionate and committed to every single job we receive.