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The art of subtitling is in our DNA and it’s the discipline that started Masreya Media’s journey into the world of localization. We’ve subtitled thousands of hours for network and channel launches in the Middle East – all in record time, with 2015 seeing Masreya Media taking on the huge task of preparing all subtitles for the launch of a global streaming media services giant to the region. We also provide near-live subtitling for the world’s biggest film awards. We offer subtitling in Arabic, English, French and German, and can combine these languages to provide dual-language subtitles.

In addition to all our entertainment-based work, we have a dedicated ‘corporate subtitling’ unit working with major international corporations who are expanding into the MENA market. This corporate work includes marketing and promotional videos, internal and external company communications, business conferences, webinars and training programs.

All our work goes through a heavy quality control process that includes language and technical editing, proofreading and time-coding all files, before another final round of checks to make sure that client satisfaction is always achieved. Because we’ve kept up-to-date with developments in subtitling software, we can output in almost all broadcast subtitling formats.

Why us? We’re a 360 operation

As well as a huge pool of freelancers, we have a team of over 50 in-house staff. These technical and creative experts will always ensure that your last-minute requests or urgent changes are implemented and delivered on time.