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Other Services

Audio post-production services

We provide a variety of audio services to suit the nature and scope of your project. These can range from simple options such as 2.0 (stereo) mix to 5.1 (surround sound) mix, as well as 5.1 and 7.1 theatrical mixes. We’re well-versed in working with clients to create music and effects (M&E) as well as providing a ‘fix service’ for existing files that may need tweaking or augmenting.

Casting for TV, radio and film

In 2018, we became involved in our first ever ‘original live action’ casting project. This wasn’t just a small production, it was one of the biggest blockbusters of the following year and would go on to receive an Oscar nomination. The much-loved children’s animation was getting a feature film upgrade with a huge Hollywood lead cast, and Masreya Media was going along for the magical ride. We organized and ran acting and singing workshops for the high-profile casting director who was looking for candidates to fill three main roles. Celebrities and new talent alike auditioned, with three of our chosen candidates making it to the final stage of selection. Working alongside this highly talented casting director was a great learning experience that bolstered our creative skill in choosing the right fit for the project.

Typesetting & Art Design

We have a team of skilled designers and typesetters who are adept at producing creative layouts to suit the specifics of every client, in every medium. Whether you’re looking for a press ready PDF or an electronic file for in-house use, Masreya Media are known for their rigorous quality control processes that produce error-free products time after time. Our published catalogues are the perfect example of the highly acclaimed work we’re used to producing – with happy clients including leading art galleries and museums in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.

Transcription & translation from audio and video

We go beyond just translating video and audio files, we provide a full breakdown of the dialogue, complete with time-codes, character names, target language translation and back translation if needed, in turn creating a full script for the client. We also work hard to flag any sentence structure and pronunciation issues in the client’s original work to make sure the final product is the highest standard it can be – which was the case in an English-language crime drama we worked on, where the Arabic speakers they had used for certain scenes had misused much of the language.

Still haven’t found what you’re after? We’re always happy to create bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Why us? We keep your work secure

The security of our client’s content is of the utmost importance. We have secure workflows and tight management schedules to ensure that MPA guidelines are always followed. You’re in safe hands.